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JoinQuitting Google for pedigree?

This one is probably a bit controversial, but I always wanted to land in big tech, ever since I was 14. I interviewed there summer last year, just to pass interviews a few weeks after the hiring freeze. Ever since then, there is no HC for my position inside of my country and my recruiter says likely not for the rest of the year.

Now, in two European countries there is HC for exactly my position. So my plan would be to leave my home country for either, and then:

  • gamble there will be HC so I can transfer to my home country Google before 6 months pass (trial period), or
  • quit Google a time after passing the trial period (and stay for ~9-12 months) so I have Google in my CV, but don't have to stay longer away from my loved ones

Is this an evil thing to do? What would be your honest opinion about this plan? Is there anything I'm missing?

r5s5cSoftware Engineerย 6 months ago
I also agree that it's a reasonable path to take. If you do so, make your goal of transferring home known, but don't share that you'll leave after a period of time if that doesn't work out. Also, make the most of the time you spend there; ask questions, connect with others, understand why things are done the way they're done.
19g618l488r3jpSoftware Engineerย 6 months ago
Thank you!



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