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Product Manager a year ago

Booking[dot]com interview tips

Hi there,

Was hopin if somebody could share any prep tips. Got a Craft interview in the company for PM in a week (Manchester, UK). 

Any tips? Somebody?
Thanks in advance ❤️
vbuCfpo7Product Designer a year ago
So this is what I received from their interview- "They will have two one-hour interviews: Craft interview: Deep portfolio review with two designers. One case study specifically, presenting the process and outcomes, and answering in-depth questions. You’ll have 45 minutes for the case study and 10–15 minutes for your own questions for the interviewers. Then there is stakeholder management interview: You will meet the hiring manager, similar conversation to the first interview. You may discuss your approach to solving problems, stakeholder management, and strategy, based on your past experience. Room for your questions at the end."
cryptomagnateProduct Manager a year ago
Is that for UX designer, right? I just wondering if there was somebody with a product manager experience in talking to them (they also have craft interviews)?

Anyways, seems pretty much the same framework. If you can share any more specific details — would be just great!



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