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No internship

I am graduating SP23 with a Bachelors in financial mathematics and am currently trying to find a job but I have no internships from university. I do have same valid reeasons for this as I could legally not have a job (visa), but I did spend my summers doing classes and am graduating very early. I'm a part of a few finance clubs and have a good GPA (3.9/4). I would like a job as a finacial analyst, equity analyst, or similar postions. Any help is appreciated.
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Do you have projects you can call out on your resume that might match some of the jd's you're looking at? Internships are important but I think good recruiters understand that not every candidate will get one, especially because of covid and the economy tanking.
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I second this. I didn't have any internships when I got my first job out of school but I did have some interesting stories to tell from projects I did outside of classwork. So like during interviews, I talked about working on a hackathon project I did with the MLB which I'm sure made me stand out. Extracurriculars like clubs and stuff can also help if they are relevant to the jobs you're applying for.



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