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6 months ago

Soon to graduate Aerospace Engineering Student

I will be completing my bachelors degree in aerospace engineering this month and I am looking for an entry level job where I can work on something that flys. I have had many interviews throughout the past 12 months and I have been rejected by so many companies I am getting discouraged. Some companies rejected me 5 interviews in, some rejected me after my take home assignments, and some rejected me after they realized their company doesn't have enough funding for my position.

I have a lot of project and internship experience (much more than other people I know who have jobs lined up already) and I'm struggling to understand how I haven't secured anything yet job wise. Any advice on how to stay motivated or how to show to companies how badly I want to work for them without seeming desperate or unprofessional?
moondollarSoftware Engineer 6 months ago
Look at Lockheed Martin. They’re hiring like crazy right now for entry level engineers in the Aeronautics Division.