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Software Engineer 2 years ago

Need Constructive feedback for my daily Leetcode problem solving YT channel. Just need feedback, not to promote anything

Previously I posted, asking that is it a good idea to create a YT channel, where I solve daily leetcode problems? The aim was to become good at solving coding problems, and I will have something cool for my resume.

I got positive response from fellow community members, and now I have been creating almost daily videos for the past month. Improving with my LC skills and video making skills.

I need constructive criticism of how I am doing, and how can I still improve. Can you please review some of the recent uploads and let me know how I am doing?


I am not intending to get Monetized by Youtube.

This is an experiment to see if I can get into FAANG by teaching LC problems, because in order to explain I have to study first, plus I can put it in my resume, also it will help others (that would be an added bonus).

PS: The purpose of this post is not to increase viewers, or generate traffic to my channel . But to gain critical constructive feedback from the community of like-minded individuals whom I can trust.

Destination FAANG

Destination FAANG

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jinyung2Software Engineer 2 years ago
Having read your purpose of why you started the channel, I think it'll be an awesome tool to get your leetcoding skills really strong! I watched the latest one that was posted when I checked, (House Robber II) and I think you do a good job of breaking down the problem, explaining and whiteboarding the concept, and actually implementing the solution. Any feedback I had would be regarding improving experience of the viewer, but I think that is really more in line with "increasing viewership, or generate traffic" so I won't go into that! Keep up the great work  😄
19g615kyukh13pSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for your feedback… I appreciate you spending time to review my stuff. 😊



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