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Data Scientistย a year ago

Best Out of Network mental health benefits?

As someone who has been in therapy for years, I've come to learn that the best therapists don't work with insurance companies - i.e., they are out of network. What are the out of network mental health benefits like at your company?

JbenitoiOS Engineerย a year ago
The process is really annoying depending on the service you use. At first I used Alma, but their network is not that robust imo. Then I just called BCBS and went through all the automated prompts and got a list of 30+ therapists based on the criteria I was looking for. I suffer from bipolar disorder and working remotely has made it VERY hard to build team synergy during covid. So much stress and anxiety over everything but I managed to find the therapist I work with now. Just had to interview a few to find a good match.