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Working on OSS products on FAANG or Small Companies

I am interested in working on open-source and want my next role to work on an open-source product. There are many open-source products in companies ranging from mid-size like kong, Gitpod, Hashicorp, TimeScaleDB and Grafana to large tech like Google, AWS, VMWare, RedHat, etc. Can someone help me in understanding what is the difference between working on the open-source products on FAANG and these small-size companies?

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I worked one year in open source at AWS and thought it was a pretty good opportunity. They’re definitely still a bit hesitant when it comes to fully adopting/embracing open source, but a lot more tech is being built open source first in the open (code reviews, feature designs, etc.). Depending on what team you’re on you might find it really easy or really hard to invest time to engage with community contributors.