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Looking for tips to prepare for Google Early Career SWE


I'm going to have a google interview in mid-June.

I applied in trial week for outco, and not sure if it would really help me. because it goes through lots of basics, not really focusing on solving algorithms.

So i'm first wondering if i should continue with them

and second, i want to get your main tips for me to prepare well for Google, I'm 3YOE, MERN stack, javascript.


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I interviewed at Google a few months ago and although I didn’t pass, I think I did quite well aside from one question that threw me off enough to fail the interview.

The resources I used to study were Leetcode (obviously), AlgoMonster, and Neetcode videos on YouTube. Leetcode is going to be what most people recommend and what will give you the most content to study from. Personally I used AlgoMonster because it gave some structure to what topics were the most important. Leetcode has thousands of questions and of course you aren’t going to do them all so it’s important to know what is the most bang for your buck. Neetcode videos also were super useful to understand the logic and thought process behind a problem. He uses python and I coded in Java but honestly I preferred it that way to make sure I wasn’t just copying his code.

When you do the problems, write the logic behind the problem down somewhere (excel, notes, good drive, etc) in English and revisit it to make sure you aren’t just doing it once and forgetting about it. Find which problems teach you the most important patterns and understand those very well so when you encounter a similar problem you understand how to use the pattern. Don’t spend too long on a problem, others may have different opinions but I tried a problem for 30ish minutes and after that I’d just look at the solution. If you have time you can spend longer but I was on a time crunch.

I’m not sure if the role you’re interviewing for is front end focused but for the algorithmic parts that should be a solid start to learning and most importantly, understanding patterns so that you can tackle most problems thrown your way, not just a few that you memorized. Google likes to make their own problems rather than copy from Leetcode so memorizing won’t help anyway :)

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