Luke Dutton in  
Software Engineer at SoFia year ago

Fun coding

Who all is doing Advent of Code this year and are you doing it with a familiar language or a new one?
RandomRacoonSoftware Engineer at Smartya year ago
I got through day 5, but then things got way too busy with my family. I love Advent of Code, but December is always so nuts with a million things going on.

Now that I think about it though, I'm considering giving my team the last hour of the work day to do Advent of Code if they want.

I'm using a familiar language since I have limited time.
Luke DuttonSoftware Engineer at SoFia year ago
I hear you there. I just got back into it a couple days ago.

I’m using kotlin inside intellij.

I love the private leaderboard functionality too. My crew at work has quite a bit of fun with it



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