Thatperson26487 in  
Software Engineer a year ago

Advise on moving from big investment bank to smaller hedge fund or trading firm

Has anyone have had any experience with moving from a big invetment firms like JPM, Morgan to smaller hedge funds like Exodus or trading firms like Flow Traders? 
My current role in big firm doesn't have much growth perspective and I am thinking if moving to smaller firms will be a step back. I am working as a senior dev, will probably grow into tech lead within couple years if I move internally. The new role will be more of senior eng/IC. 
dai9d1z1Data Analyst at Citizens Banka year ago
isn't exodus point a newish firm? I haven't heard anything bad about them so thats a good thing lol
GzhowieAccount Manager at JPMorgan Chasea year ago
14bil under management, founded in 2017... it's pretty insane how successful they've been. Seems too good to be true. London, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong offices. 700+ people on their team... I think it's an exciting time over there. Would kill for the opportunity to work with them