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GandalfΒ inΒ Β 
Software EngineerΒ 7 months ago

Levels.fyi data is misleading: Sign-On Bonus is different from Annual Bonus

I think Levels.fyi must make it clear on their website that the number viewed is annual bonus. Usually, when negotiating, you're also negotiating your sign-on bonus. They can also include it as another column.

A lot of people are putting their sign-on bonus amount as their annual bonus. I can tell because the number for the company I work for are almost identical to what each level usually get.

The longer Level.fyi waits to fix this, the compounded the problem become.

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ZaheerFounderΒ atΒ Levels.fyi7 months ago
We recently started collecting sign-on bonus separately from performance bonuses. You can see this when you try to contribute on our compensation form: https://www.levels.fyi/salaries/add The data we collect has the correct separation right now. We're working on making the same distinction on the site. Appreciate the feedback!



Software Engineer