Iphone14p in  
6 months ago

Can a company knows If I work from a different country I do WFH

I want to visit my home country as it is urgent, but I don't think 
I will get approval. What should I do? 
wishgrantedSoftware Engineer 5 months ago
Yes. Especially if you work over a VPN. One of my coworkers went to Iran with his work laptop and tried to use it but found he was locked out. We are based in the USA and there are heavy trade regulations and export controls with Iran, and bringing a work laptop actually violates those export control laws. Be especially careful if you work at a company that has export controls and if the company you are trying to travel to is on a government export control list, such as China, Russia, Iran, etc. as you may violate the law which comes with hefty legal consequences plus the possibility that your company’s sensitive information gets into the hands of that country. It’s probably better to consult with legal unless you know of people in the same role and project that have previously gotten permission to travel to that country.