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Frontend Software Engineer 2 years ago

Freelancing advice

Hey everyone, hope all is well!
I am looking for some guidance on how to start freelancing. I am currently building up projects to look for junior frontend developer roles. I am self taught and have been pushing to learn as much as possible for some time now. I've seen some videos on freelancing to build up projects to put on your portfolio. In all honesty it would also help out financially since the job I am at right now is not paying the bills and I find myself needing help from family members on a monthly basis. Has anyone done this successfully and has it helped ? Any advice will help greatly. Thank you in advace!
MuscatSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
It definitely will take time to build up your brand. Don't undersell yourself either. Make sure you're charging *at least* the market rate. You could also try starting with a portfolio first and deploying that so people will have a reference point. Social media is a free form of marketing as well! Freelancing is hard work with uncertain income. I think it might be easier to focus on landing your first full-time position.



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