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Product Marketing Manager 2 years ago

Founding Team vs Full time role

Hi, I am part of a founding team building a product in web3 space. My co founders want to appoint me as a director and signing authority by passing a board resolution. 

However i am looking for full time roles in the crypto space. And intend to build the product as a side hustle. 

Will this be viewed as a conflict of interest by the hiring managers for my full time gig?  
zuhayeerFounder at Levels.fyi2 years ago
Are you losing your founder role with the transition to Director? And have you discussed with them that you’re not going to be doing it full time. For an early startup, it’s probably a good idea to be extra prudent about alignment just so everyone’s on the same page.

For your full time gig, it’ll depend on the company, but I’d get to an offer that you’d actually consider first before thinking too much about it. Cross that bridge when you get there.




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