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Data Scientist a month ago

Anybody Hiring Data Analysts?

I have around 4 years of experience in Data Analysis, I worked on various projects and concepts such as Predictive Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Data Modeling, Data visualizations, customer segmentation & satisfaction, customer retention, Marketing Analysis, Business Requirement gathering, KPI's, ETL, EDA etc.

Specific tools I am proficient at: Python, SQL, R programming, PowerBI, Tableau, MS Excel, MS PPT, Google analytics, A/B testing.

Please reach out to me if you know of any openings or hiring currently. Thank you so much in advance.

grantData Scientist a month ago
Better to post this and your resume on LinkedIn, Dice, etc. If recruiters want data analysts, you’ll get hits, but the job market is really uncertain right now, so companies are being cautious only to hire what they need or for backfills.