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Software Engineer a year ago

Who’s paid for resume reviews?

I am starting to get ready for a job search, and I know the market is terrible if you're cold applying. I have 5+ years of experience, and am senior engineer at my current employer. I am wondering if paying for a resume review service would give me some velocity in applying for jobs.

Would anyone mind sharing their experience, paying for a résumé review service? It would be really helpful to me. Thanks! 
FeetsTooBigSoftware Engineer a year ago
I paid an independent person to level-up my resume and she helped me landed a 2.5x salary. She’s retired now, but the 1-to-1 service was worth the £250.
HairySoftware Engineer a year ago
Interesting to hear! How did you find her? There are lots of offerings but I’m unsure how to filter out the bad ones.



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