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Security Software Engineer a year ago

Experienced Info Sec / Cloud Engineer

So I've been working at a financial institution for almost 20 years and of that the first 10+ were as a Unix/Linux Security Admin and the last 6 have been in Cloud Security.  The last couple years I've moved to more of a sexurity architect role while still performing things like proof of concepts, consulting and threat modeling. 

I know there is an abundance of cloud engineers on the market with all the recent layoffs, but are there organizations that are looking for cloud security engineera in an almost staff/principal role that have not done hard core wngineering the last few years?  This has been my biggest point of hesitation when applying - Info Sec (cloudsec specifically) is my passion!

Anywho, really just a feeler post and maybe something to really motivate myself to apply.  Any pointers, feelers, or feedback would be awesome.
KaepernickSecurity Software Engineer a year ago
Don't let the layoff headlines fool you. These companies are still actively hiring for this exact skillset. Infosec is recession-proof. A fleshed out linkedin profile will have the right people contacting you.

That being said, if you want to be in the weeds you'll have to go over the tech details of your most impactful projects. Story telling is key here. The details are there to show the challenges and triumphs while you were solving problems.

If you want to stay at a high level MANY consulting agencies will be happy to have you. I know 1st hand make a lot of money knowing a lot less about tech.