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rocketmarsย inย ย 
Software Engineerย a year ago

Maintenance vs creating new products

What are peoples thoughts on working on core infrastructure and scaling issues for existing products rather than new products? New products always seem exiciting and attracts engineers, but I feel like theres a lot of exciting learning buried within the maintenance of core projects. Super underrated to learn about the main competencies of a company that becomes the engine that allows for new products to thrive. And people don't really mention the part where a lot of new projects don't really end up working out.
MuscatSoftware Engineerย atย JPMorgan Chasea year ago
I think maintenance is underrated. You get to really understand aa product by maintaining it. I'm working on a new product but I really only understand the part that I'm doing... which wouldn't be too helpful if I were to try to explain the technical aspects of the other parts.