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Prompt Engineering?

Are there any professionals in the prompt engineering industry? I have a few questions and would appreciate your feedback:

1. Just want to learn more about the topic in general.
2. Would I need extra education? Remote jobs.
3. What's the job description? How many questions do you have to answer in an hour? How to build your resume to stand out.
4. Prompt engineering.
5. Remote work opportunities.
6. Professional certification.

Your insights would be very helpful. Thank you!
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“Prompt engineering” is not really a role that exists in industry. The people who write “prompts” for things like the system prompt of chatbots or a LLM connected to an app to do a specific task are usually ML engineers who have a basic understanding of ML concepts, but also a lot of general software development experience. The task of “prompt engineering” is usually a small part of the job.
If a company is really looking for a “prompt engineer” they are most likely also looking for someone who can also implement and fine-tune models.
Many companies might require a masters or phd with papers published in journals like NeurIPS or CVPR.