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Anonymous Postings on Levels.

Why are there hidden posts that are anonymous postings? The point is for the posts to be anonymous. Seems pointless.
zuhayeerFounderย atย Levels.fyi2 years ago
This is a good point and I can totally see how this is confusing, the data points you submit are anonymous already. We need to do a better job around the communication here. Some context: we've just started experimenting with an anonymization toggle to automatically further anonymize the data point you submit ( If there isn't enough data points for a combination of the company, job family, and a particular field, we'll hide those fields from display until there are more submissions. In some cases, the company itself may not have enough data points available and this is where we hide them to preserve better anonymity (once again until more submissions come in and it is automatically made visible again). This toggle on the form is entirely optional, and users can still choose to just submit all their details outright. We're just experimenting to see if this feature would allow more people to comfortably contribute.
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