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Trouble with narrowing down a degree

Hi everyone, I just finished an AS in Computer Programming Analysis from my community college. I actually enjoy coding and love building things. The problem solving is like doing puzzles and I'm sure most of you feel the same way which is why you're here. 

I have a friend in his 50's with a CS degree that is an ex programmer. He still works in Cybersecurity but more in a management capacity. I asked him about possible next steps in my education and he highly recommended an MIS degree. From the research I've done, it's way more business facing, and that concerns me. I don't want to get so far from coding that I don't get to do what I enjoy doing. I do think there's merit to learning the business side of things. 

I feel as if my A.S. in CS as well as my current low-code, full-time job coupled with an MIS degree might work for a software engineer position once I graduate but it's still a big decision not doing a B.S. in CS. Does anybody has some insight on this? 
BrooklynBrokeBusiness Analyst a year ago
I would say yes to the MIS because the business classes teach how to communicate. If you can communicate to management and break down technical concepts in a simple manner, you value will increases than just being a code monkey in a dark basement l.
stoopkidSoftware Engineer a year ago
This is a good point.

I didn't go to school for CS, IT, or anything like that, but maybe you could also take electives where you could develop your communication skills? Writing, Art, Theatre, or even a business course - anything where speaking and presenting your ideas/thought process in front of a group is core aspect of the class.



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