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What specialization should I pick-Applying to grad school

Hey guys I am applying to grad school and have no work experience except for 2 internships during my undergrad year so not a professional yet . I want to get a role as a AL/ML engineer after my masters finishes but do not want to leave out core software engineering opportunities as they might be according to me more abundant for immigrant students and easier to get into . I am applying to grad school , which specialization would be more beneficial more me :

Core Computer Science


Machine Learning and AI


Do machine learning engineers require core software engineering skills ?

Kafka0nKoffeeSoftware Engineer at Geotaba year ago
It's not like somebody is NOT going to hire you in a different niche within tech simply because you specialized in ML/AI. Plenty of grad students work in areas completely different from what their thesis was about. Nobody in tech cares what you studied in school honestly. If you can prove in an interview you can do the job they'll hire. So not like you'll forget your software engineering fundamentals in 2 years just coz you were studying ML/AI. Just go for ML/AI if learning the subject is your goal. It's still a very young field and there are far less skilled candidates than jobs trust me! So don't worry about someone not hiring an immigrant into an ML/AI position. Quite the contrary. Most companies like to hire immigrants once they find out this will be your first job and you have visa restrictions. That way they can exploit you more lol.
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Lmfao, thanks makes sense



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