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Software Engineer a year ago

Need Help with Opendoor Interview

Hi, I applied for a Software Engineer (Entry level). at Opendoor, completed phone screening with the recruiter and cleared the first technical round (Only LeetCode). The recruiter scheduled a final round interview next week which is a 2 hr interview including technical phone interview and conversation with one of the leaders (according to the recruiter). Does anyone who recently gave an interview with Opendoor or someone working at Opendoor have any idea what type of questions I can expect in the technical round and conversation with leader? #Opendoor

bringeeRecruiter a year ago
Can't say much about the technical round, but the 'Conversation' round will probably be similar to a lot of other industry 'behavioral' interviews. I'd expect questions about how you make decisions, how you work with management, etc. All in a behavioral scenario (AKA "tell me about a time where you did X,")



Software Engineer