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Job Hunting is Scary Pt.2

Hey everyone! I posted a few weeks ago with the same title and surprise: I'm still in the same position. I have reached out to many people in my network and they were nice enough to refer me (some people are managers and some work in tech positions) but even with referrals I can not get an interview to save my life. I have so many rejections, I need to pin point what I need to work on.

It seems like maybe it's still my resume but also does anyone have any tips for crushing an interview (whenever I get there) and how do I get a company to notice me out of all the other great applicants?

Again it's been extra scary as I'm going into my sixth month being unemployed. Even with being laid off from Google, I'm now struggling a lot. Any advice and words of wisdom would be amazing!! Thanks, everyone and anyone that's in the same boat: WE GOT THIS.

Have a great rest of your week everyone :).

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You got a copy of your resume to share? Would be happy to take a look and provide any tips.
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Yes I do!! Should I send it to you directly or just copy n paste