BrooklynBroke in  
Business Analyst a year ago

After layoff, is anyone considering freelance?

If you have been programming for a number of years, would you work as a freelancer?  The main attraction of freelance is that you control where you devote your time, what you charge, and what projects you work on. You control your own destiny. Your livelihood isn't controlled by someone else and can't be taken away by them. You could make as much as 150k to 250k if you have clients with deep enough pockets. 

The main challenge is acquiring enough paying clients and earning enough to pay your bills.
diskgolferSoftware Engineer a year ago
Thankfully, I haven't been impacted by layoffs, but my thought is that it'd still be my priority to find a full time role. If I could supplement my downtime with freelance work, then it'd be a no-brainer to do so, but I don't think I'd transition and full send it fully into freelancing. Like you said, the challenge of consistency is probably the biggest issue.