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Product Designer 5 months ago

Where to relocate to?

Hello everyone,

I am asking a very broad question on where should I relocate to?
I am a product designer with an Indian passport.
I want to move to a country where the following parameters are marked as Good if not Great.
Things that are important to me:
  1. High salary (I am ok with hustle and would want to work in a place where income is not capped)
  2. Good enough work life balance - weekends off are ok enough for me to consider decent work life balance... Never understood nordic way of living where there is arguably too much balance
  3. Ease of starting a business as an expat - would love to start a SaaS someday.
  4. Ease of getting citizenship 
  5. Expat friendly

There are 3 countries that are on my radar currently and I am not sure which one to pursue and if there is anything out there that i dont know about

  1. Australia
  2. Canada (may be i can work remotely in a USA company, earn in their levels while living in Canada)
  3. Germany
Intersted to hear your thoughts on this.
I understand that its quite arguable on what is good and what is not, I will take comments with a pinch of salt 😊
BT7437Software Engineer 5 months ago
I currently live in Canada, Ontario and we are experiencing a housing crisis. It’s very expensive to live here in the bigger cities but I can’t say much for the sub-urban areas.
19g617l06yh949Product Designer 5 months ago
I see on Levels that designers earn ~ 150K CAD... Is that salary still not enough to ride the housing crisis wave?