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Do you take time off for interviews?

Have onsites available for 5-7 different companies, but not sure if I should take time off to do them or split all of them up over many weeks.

One thing I am worried about is my manager knowing I am interviewing and also falling behind at my job if I take too much time off.

However, splitting up ~20-30 hour long interviews and doing them while working over maybe 2-3 weeks also sounds miserable

What would you do?

qwertyCoderSoftware Engineer at Amazon 
Batch them up whenever possible. Try to have a 'super week / day' where you do them all and then just take that week / day off. This is more ideal than splitting them over many weeks because for negotiation purposes you want the offers to all come in around the same time. It'll make it easier to pit competing offers against one another.



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