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Business Administration & Management a year ago

Microsoft Recruiter Screening - Nontraditional hire

So I just received a call from a Microsoft recruiter about a Product Design position and received a questionnaire I have to fill out. As a pivoter from a non-traditional background, how can I stand out and negotiate my T/C for this product design position? I dont want to get lowballed. Should I get a referral?

I've worked really hard transitioning from banking to UX/UI Design and just want to put out my best. Any helpful tips/guidance would be much appreciated!
ThatonehumanProduct Designer a year ago
Referrals always help but clearly articulating why your past roles / experiences make you a fit is crucial. I had classmates that went from completely non-design jobs to product positions, so it’s 100% doable. You just have to make sure you’re selling yourself and your previous experiences, and explaining why their a fit for this role.
iamphoenixxBusiness Administration & Management a year ago
This is really helpful thank you!



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