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Data Engineerย a year ago

What is your home office gears and setup?

I thiught to post something that is not about the current wavw of layoffs and i go first:

Desk: DIY standing frame and hardwood 160*80
Chair: Aeron
Display: LG 32" Ultrafine
Audio: Rode NTG microphone, airpods pro. Soon to switch to a wired in ear monitor.ย 
Viseo: Logitech Brio stream 4k
Keyboard: Split mechanical
Deskmat: custom leather 90x40
Driver: Macbook Pro 2019

What I miss is a boom for the mic. It is attached to top of the screen now. Except for the laptop thet is provided by the employer the rest are mine.

goudenridderData Engineerย a year ago
I use my company provided laptop, with a cheap ikea chair and a cheap ikea desk. It's been working great for years now, haha. I did splurge by having a moss wall installed behind my desk. It looks fantastic, and during video calls people always seem to assume I'm in a fancy company office.
TheMooreData Engineerย a year ago
A real moss wall? How is the maintenance of that?



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