BrooklynBroke in  
Business Analyst a year ago

Come the beginning of 2023, are you going to ask for a raise?

2023 will soon be upon us. In 2023, will you ask for a raise based on inflation, because you saw the salary range for your position and you are on the low end of the range, or because you went above and beyond the requirements of your position with data supporting your argument? Maybe you will keep status quo because you are worried about getting fired.
swiperightSoftware Engineer at Tindera year ago
If you’re not getting regular salary adjustments you’re making less money each year. Also, it’s atypical to “ask” for a raise; in most cases it happens it clearly defines promotion cycles that typically happen twice a year. So yes, seek a raise of course. Why would promoting yourself risk your job?
BrooklynBrokeBusiness Analyst a year ago
It depends on the size of the company and what industry. If you work in a smaller company, there may be no such process in place. If you work for universities, you have to advocate for yourself.