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Discussion about Data Science CV/Resume Length

Hello everyone,

I have been sticking to the one-page resume but I got nowhere with it. Recently, I came across a Software Engineering Manager (SWEM) at Google, Ex SWEM at Amazon, Booking, and he claimed that he received offers at all MAANG.

So this guy is promoting the idea of listing all the relevant experiences in detail and definitely going for many pages. He mentioned that one page won't probably make you pass ATS, and no one will get any useful information from two sentences for each experience, so it kinda makes sense.

To give more context, I am a second-year data science master's student. I have two working experiences (2 YoE). Did a handful of strong side projects. I don't consider myself mid-level yet.

So what do you think about that? Should I still stick to one page, eliminating many details? Or list all relevant experiences and go for many pages?

Highly appreciate your discussion and suggestions!

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First, I would never believe anything someone says anonymously online if you cannot check, at least a linked in if not more. I am sure many people say they had mini job offers that they “chose“ not to take. I don’t think the important decision is about length but about your ability to understand what is actually important for a hiring decision. A long résumé typically suggest that you actually do not know what is relevant for the job. In an interview it is important to have a clear and concise answer, same thing is true for a résumé. However, if you actually have a lot of very relevant work do not leave it out for an arbitrary page length. Even at two pages, I think it is important to understand how the presentation does matter. At a certain level, knowing how to have polished work is almost as important as the continents. Don’t do 1.5 pages, make it look good, and be two pages. The basic guideline I was told once was you get one page for being a human after that you get one page per publication or publicly acknowledged work that your hiring manager would know of. Three pages when I have never heard the impact of any of your projects? Not impressive, just a signal you have issues in prioritization. But if your work was enough that you were listed as an author on the first BERT model… Yeah, you are worth two pages of my time. Overall, it’s nothing you have ever done. Sounds even vaguely familiar to me as a hiring manager in a closely related field. I probably expect you to be able to summarize it in one page. This can be awkward if you have legal reasons for not being able to publicly show your work, however, that would also mean it should not be on a résumé. Similarity it should be communicated in an appropriate manner during interviews, which would mean all legal agreements are honored. And this subtlety is particularly important, because likely you were at a level where we care if you understand legal contracts.



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