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Software Engineer a year ago

5 years ago everyone was learning Java for some reason and now the most popular language to learn is...

PYTHON! There are issues with it at scale of course and no hate towards Java, just found it interesting things have changed so quickly.


Top Programming Languages 2022

Top Programming Languages 2022

Python’s still No. 1, but employers love to see SQL skills

adorableFounder a year ago
If you SORT the results by JOBS, rather than SPECTRUM or TRENDING, you'll see that SQL #1, JAVA #2, Python #3. Honestly, Python is there because of the AI/ML/Data/Simplicity for Casual Users, but it can't replace JAVA (eg. all those Android phones and desktop apps) because it's grossly lacking in a ton of Business and GUI features. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/java/announcing-preview-of-microsoft-build-of-openjdk/ Even Microsoft runs Azure, Linkedin, Yammer, etc on Java. Over time, we'll see. Microsoft is creating its own apps like PowerBI to do a lot of the things that users want out of Python for business data analysis, so typing away in Python vs GUI PowerBI will naturally pull casual office users towards the latter. That said, guess I'm still the hold out with BASIC, FORTRAN, and DELPHI programming ,)