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Suggestions on job site for international students

Hey guys, so I am a junior now and I am majoring in CS and I am an international student. I have been applying for internships since my first year and haven't got any luck. I applied a lot and I feel like most were rejecting me because of my status. So I wanted to find a way to specifically apply to those who sponsor international students and I found data from Department of Labor that has a list of companies that sponsored international students before and am planning to build a website where others also can use to find similar companies. The site will have search capabilities for job title, location, industry, and salary range, information about companies' visa sponsorship histories. I wanted to hear your thoughts and any suggestions you might have.

Edit: I undestand that there already are various websites for this. What i am trying to do is to find job/internship postings from RSS feed on
indeed and crosscheck them on h1b database after theat only post the jobs/internships from companies
with hib record on my site
madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
That could be a useful tool! I say go for it!



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