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Certificate collectors!

As an aspiring software developer... Do the following professional certification in edx courses guarantee me an opportunity to secure a remote role as a software developer.

-HarvardX's Computer Science for Web Programming (XSeries)

-MicroBachelors® Program in Full Stack Application Development

-MicroMasters® Program in Software Development

-MicroMasters® Program in Algorithms and Data Structures

-Agile Project Management

I've a prior degree in Plant Biology and I'm passionate about shifting career into Computer Science (Software development). I want to know if I'm being realistic or delusional. 
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As they are from edx they are good for learning but I doubt they are keywords on your resume, except Agile Project Management, or PMI-ACP or similar.

You can go with Oracle Certified Java developer or Azure Developer if you insist on getting certified.

But in your case, as you are shifting to SWE, you need a GitHub portfolio and leet code practice, for securing a junior position, that's enough ;) certification will come later naturally
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Thank you for the information. I'm grateful.



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