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Hard time getting interviews

Is anyone else having a hard time getting interviews right now?
I'm a senior software engineer with 5 years of post-college experence.
I'm in the midwest applying for remote positions accross the country.
I dont apply for a role unless I truly meet the vast majority of requirements.
I feel my resume is strong and easily digestable.

I've applied to 25+ companies over the past 6 weeks and only got a callback from 2.
Are things really that competitive right now?
Anybody else struggling?
19g617l508wik4Software Engineer  
Same here. So few interviews. I have 30 years of experience and am only applying to jobs with a near-perfect match to my experience and resume. I can't count how often I receive no response or a quick (like same day or next day) "we'll be moving forward with other candidates who are better aligned with our needs for that role." I kind of suspect that many are just collecting resumes and/or looking for very new (cheap) developers.
ichibanProduct Manager  
Just a thought but unless you are applying for senior or exec level jobs, maybe remove some of your older jobs from your resume. I have seen recruiters or managers pass on resumes when they see more “experienced” candidates. Easy math 30 years experience so 50+ age. If you have a a manager that is 35 and doesn’t relate they may skip you.