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Google Team Match Odds

Hello, I am currently a senior in university. I am a former 3x facebook/meta intern but got no return offer this past summer :(. I was invited to apply to interview at google in august and passed interviews in late october. After interviews I had team matching pushed back to January. 

In the meantime I have secured a decent offer of ~140k TC with lcol but Im not super excited about WLB and location sucks. I have final rounds scheduled with two other companies but both are lower in priority than google to me.

I told my google recruiter about the competing offer in loose details and they told me to think about accepting because they are unsure about how many spots or how long it will take to match. I gave google a pretty broad range of products i would work on and gave the biggest locations in my form.

Im curious to know how likely people think it is that that I could get an offer from google. Is there anything i can do to make an offer from google more likely? Thank you for in advance.

TLDR: Got through google interviews and it seems like there might not be a match; is there anything I can do.
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Sorry to hear about your situation, I know how frustrating it can be to have passed the interviews but still not granted a job :( Google is constantly hiring (even during the freeze) but it certainly has slown right down. E.g in London (which employs roughly ~4k engineers) there's 3 spots open with a high of about 14 back in September. Most of these are being taken by internal transfers however. In the new year headcount is allocated so keep an eye out on the careers site and see if you spot anything that looks interesting. If you find anything send these in the direction of your recruiter and mention specifically that you're interested. I heard that the Android PA isn't getting any more HC this year (outside of specific critical projects such as Privacy Sandbox which isn't part of that PA, but is cross-PA owned by Ads). Not sure what the situation is else where however generally Cloud and Ads are most likely to be hiring this year. Two bits of advice: - If you have a friend at Google it would be optimal, they can look at the internal positions and even put in a word with the hiring manager. This is what'll make the biggest difference, any internal help you can get will be 10x what you can do having to proxy through your recruiter. - Don't wait for Google hoping for the best. There are likely thousands of people in the pool, I know of candidates who've been in it for 6 months. I don't say this to discourage you but to set your expectations, because I also know of 3 candidates recently (last 2 months) who found positions within a few weeks (however they were internal candidates who finished a fixed term contract), which shows how useful having internal help is. -- Source: I'm a current Googler. Feel free to respond to this with any other questions, on or off topic :)
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Do you know if Google will hire university grads in the new year?



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