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Asking for Raise or Change Jobs?

Im a frontend developer for a large corporation, making $80,000/yr pre-tax. I'm living in Toronto, ON. A few months into my job, my supervisor asked me if I was interested in also doing backend work and I said yes. I've been working for the past 9 months learning ruby on rails to be become full-stack developer. In fact, I've been completing tasks in the backend, fixing quick bugs, implementing new features, and helping my colleagues with related backend tasks.

I feel like these changes in my job responsibilities justify a change in salary. I have ~5 years of professional experience as a developer and, with the high cost of living in downtown Toronto, my current salary is not enough to live at all.

How do I go about this situation? Thanks!

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injulmeSoftware Engineer  
Change jobs. Look for US-based company. I’m also from Toronto working remotely with ~2 yoe as a developer. ~$200k total compensation even it’s adjusted for living in Toronto. Dev jobs in Toronto are seriously underpaid.
quadraliftSoftware Engineer  
Thank you for your reply, that blows my mind... I cant even fathom how big the gap is. I definitely will now be looking into the US market. If you or anyone else has resources to help me through this process, I'll gladly accept them! Otherwise, thank you very much for this information!