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Technical Program Manager at Facebook2 years ago

Formula to Land a job at a Top Tech Company

I'll share a brief formula that might be helpful for folks interested in landing a job at a top tech company (technical and  nontechnical). There are plenty of resources for SWE, but less so for other functions.

1. Research open positions at top tech companies that could potentially be a match with your experience.

2. Find someone who made a similar transition or is in a role which you think could be a fit for you, and they either have a similar background or also made a transition. Assess how they word their experience and what skills they developed.

3. Once you identify several roles that you're interested in transitioning to, reword your experience in your resume to match the keywords and requirements that the job description/hiring manager is looking for

5. Get a referral and land an interview

6. Prep for interviews and interview

7. Rinse repeat till you get it.

Source: I’m an IC7/M2 and have helped 50+ SDETs, QAEs, TPMs, and PMs break into top tech companies (primarily Amazon and Meta) by following the above process.

Best wishes!
19g614l3izskhpSoftware Engineering Manager 2 years ago
I am looking for IC7 at META - can you introduce /refer me to any hiring managers?
MetamanTechnical Program Manager at Facebook2 years ago
Can you share your LinkedIn profile and I’ll reach out? Until we have a DM feature 🙂