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Backend Software EngineerΒ 2 years ago

Joining Meta as E6

A recruiter reached out for possible E6 roles in London.
I may be jumping the gun a bit since I haven't agree to interview and I may never get an offer. But what are your opinions on joining at a level that's already quite senior with it seems a lot of responsibilities?

For context I've around 10y xp and I'm currently in a similar role but in a small start-up, so anything the scale of Meta would be a big step up...
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I actually accepted a similar offer (remote E6 attached to London) a few weeks back and will start in a few months.

I understand your concerns, but without knowing the details of your career, there is IMO one thing you need to keep in mind: If you get through the cycle by being yourself, you very likely bring the right skillset. The only thing missing is knowledge about Meta-specific tools, processes, etc. But this can be learned. So if you accept that you don't know shit for a few months, but that this is not a signal for your incompetence and that you have to "drink from the firehose" for that time, you should be good.

I wish you all the success for your interview process if you decide to take the challenge! (Do it! 😜)
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Thank you for your feedback, very encouraging.
Any tips on what or how I should prepare for it?



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