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Site Reliability Engineer a year ago

How to deal with salary expectations when laid off?

I was laid off recently and I've noticed that recruiters are really pushing me to give them salary expectations up front. So I usually say a high but reasonable number (~$25k less than previous role) and they tell me that I'm way off and give me a range with a maximum that is ~$50k less than my previous role.

It seems like they're really trying to manipulate me because they insinuate that we shouldn't move forward with the interview process because my expectations are too high. So I say their range is okay and that I would like to continue with the interview process anyway since I do need to find a new job relatively soon...

Some of these companies have recent hires are reporting salaries much higher than the recruiters "max" for similar positions. What should I do?

madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
Always try to avoid giving out a number first, for this exact reason. You shouldn't necessarily be negotiating based on a percentage of your previous salary, I'd suggest moreso basing it off of what your personal minimum is. And that could change as you move forward too and learn how the market has been reacting. Something also to consider is what types of companies have you been speaking with? If your previous role was in FAANG level, you're not likely to get a similar package at a smaller startup. I've successfully deferred the question by just saying, "Oh yeah I know it's a different market right now, so I'd love to get a range from you guys so I can manage my expectations." As the other commentor said, it's a competitive market right now and recruiters seem to generally be more transparent because they know they'll have other qualified candidates to go to and they won't have to play this sneaky back and forth game when they're the ones vying for candidates.
asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfSite Reliability Engineer a year ago
Asking them for the range and stating that I'm flexible seems like a good way to go. I'm still trying to interview with as many companies as possible. I'll probably end up taking a big paycut but like you said the market will heat up again in a few years and I'll be ready then...