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AWS L5 -> L4 downlevel negotiation

Hi everyone,

I recently received a verbal offer from AWS - however I interviewed for L5 (I have 3 YOE) and was down-leveled to L4. I have my first negotiation with the client lead to discuss the offer details tomorrow, and I was curious if there were any general tips for trying to get to top band of the L4 position.

It seems like based off of the information here on levels, the L4 position can still land around ~230k (in the top-band) - I want to make sure I can end up here and I'm hoping having 3 YOE can help with that

P.S. -> Should I mention I have on-sites later this week and want to see how those go before verbally accepting anything?

Thanks for your help!

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I am a former L7 SDM at AWS -- the minimum time to promo from your start date is 1-year. Don't think you'll have a realistic chance to get promoted in 6 months. I was able to relevel someone after 6 months, but that is rare and I had to write justification as to why the interview loop "got it wrong"... I say this so you don't go in thinking you'll get your foot in the door and can quickly get to the level you expect when in reality that's incredibly rare.

Good luck
boehmajpSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Makes sense, thank you!