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Software Engineer at Marqetaa year ago

Demand for Data Engineer

What trends are y'all seeing in terms of software engineering disciplines? I currenly work as a general software engineer with no particular label i.e MLE, Data Engineer, Platform Engineer etc.

Curious to know your thoughts on high demand disciplines? I'm worried that my skill set isn't deep enough in one particular area.
qwertyCoderSoftware Engineer at Amazona year ago
Anything AI / ML related will be of high demand in the future. The thing to realize w.r.t is most AI/ML companies have a handful of people doing the actual algorithmic work. Majority of people in those companies tend to be focused on Data, platform and interfaces. Even with the AI trend the standard roles will continue to be relevant. Data is always a good place to be since every business requires some level of data engineering.
19g615l177u2q3Software Engineer at Marqetaa year ago
Thanks for the response. I’m especially interested in choosing a specialty so that my skills can be useful and repeatable across all sorts of companies



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