amraamย inย ย 
Customer Success Engineerย a year ago

Does DigitalOcean have a silent hiring freeze?

I applied to them about 4 weeks ago and haven't heard back.

Their LinkedIn job postings with more than 20 applicants disappear for a week and then are reposted with 0 applicants. None of the postings on their website have changed in the last 6 weeks from what it looks like. LinkedIn Premium shows 1 new employee between Nov and Dec. Anybody had a similar experience?

acjic1c3Recruiterย a year ago
I read an article that some companies are posting roles with no intention of filling them. This could be the case with DO but I haven't heard anything specifically about them.
gaxNlfo2Recruiterย a year ago
Our company does it to fish for potential hires even if we don't have the budget to. Sadly, its a tactic to help some of our business leaders feel like we're "helping" them but little do they know the executive team has not given the greenlight to actually hire. Postings have been up for 3+ months but we will repost to refresh the posting date on LinkedIn like you said so new applicants apply.