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Data 3 months ago

What roles can I apply to?

What roles am I best qualified for to aim toward/could upskill slightly toward? I am interested in data science

  • Quant HF internship experience + other finance experience 
  • Top 10 uni Economics & Maths (undergrad), then, Top 10 uni Statistics (Masters)

Transitioning from finance into tech. Interested in data science/AI but unsure of career landscape. What roles am I qualified for if I am ambitious?
dataguywholiftsData Scientist 3 months ago
while the role may still be called “data scientist” many companies have teams that require data scientists to derive insights useful to making strategic or financial decisions. my role is client facing, so many roles like mine have the same focus as well, using data to help other companies save time or money. an example for a tech firm would be Apple’s Strategic Data Solutions team. while your skill set and experience is very impressive and quantitative, those specific skills will be utilized most in your current industry. i believe you have the capability to apply your technical knowledge to a tech firm role, it just may not be quite similar to work you’ve done in the past
aspirexdData 3 months ago
Thanks for the reply! Yes I understand the work would be different, but I’m willing to upskill wherever necessary and learn what’s needed to fill in those gaps



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