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Software EngineerΒ a year ago

Meta staffing contractor: resume booster or buster?

Recruiters for contractors for MAANG companies like to say it'll look good on your resume. But the pay is πŸ₯œπŸ₯œπŸ₯œ and your not really working for MAANG. Should future hiring managers look down on a SWE working for a MAANG contractor?Β 
bringeeRecruiterΒ a year ago
I agree that contractor pay is definitely rough compared to FTE in FAANG, but I will say that contracting roles make little difference to a hiring manager or recruiter. It can be a small factor if the contracts are consistent over a wide range of years, I've heard concerns about seeing full impact of projects and long lasting effects, but most of the time, we just like seeing some sort of FAANG experience. If your only option to get into FAANG is a contract position, then I'd just go for it. It definitely won't negatively effect you.