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Software Engineering Manager a year ago

Impact of inflation + tech layoffs on your company's salaries?

This year, there are two contradicting forces affecting the salary discussions. Inflation should generally put pressure on companies to give higher raises whereas the cooling tech market and the ongoing news of massive layoffs probably push in the opposite direction.

How do you see this playing out? Did you company make a decision yet?

For reference, the German company I work at has paid a one-time inflation bonus but will not take inflation in consideration in salary reviews.

theroarbyliona year ago
I am based in Canada, and my company is literally the worst, they earned millions, did a lot of parties, but when it time to readjust the salary, yearly, they didn't. I played their game for past 3 years at $80K , with raise or even any money for inflation. Then I found a job paying $140k, and now they agreed to pay $120k when I am about to leave
TridomMachine Learning Engineer a year ago
If you stay, you know what to expect. I’m sorry that’s been your experience :/