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Salary increase replaced with stock options

I need to get this off my chest and would love to hear your thoughts. So, recently at my firm, we were all expecting our usual salary increases. Instead, management decided to give us stock options. Their reasoning? "Current market conditions are not good for increased spending, and since the company is preparing for an IPO, increasing salaries would mean less money for the firm."

Seriously? While I understand that an IPO is a big deal and the market conditions might be tough, replacing actual salary increases with stock options feels like a slap in the face. Stocks are uncertain and tied to the company's performance, which means there's no guaranteed value, unlike a salary increase.

Is anyone else dealing with similar situations? How are you handling this? Do you think this is a fair trade-off, or just a way for companies to keep their costs down at our expense?
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I mean, do you think the stock will do well after an IPO?!?