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Full-Stack Software Engineerย 2 years ago

Recent layoffs at start-up, is it time to move on?

Company raised funds in the past year and had layoffs recently. If they have runway for 1-3 yrs is it time to move on? Stick it out as long as possible?

Have there been successful startups that have had layoffs before series D?
8Jcqp4mOSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
Yeah man, layoffs are a part of the game at any size of company. I know a company that raised a series A and when the pandemic hit, let go of 6 ppl and said they were going back into "startup mode" to ride it out lol. I think you should leave if: - the job sucks - the culture sucks - the comp sucks - wlb sucks
MehtarohanBackend Software Engineerย 2 years ago
I had a perfect job, perfect comp, a near good culture



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