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Frontend Software Engineer 2 years ago

Technical interviews

Hey everyone! Just looking for some advice on what to do and how to prepre for technical intervoews. I'm starting my journey to look for junior software entineer roles. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!
MikashaSoftware Engineer at Nordstrom2 years ago
If you’re doing mostly Leetcode prep, it helps to do mock interviews on sites like Pramp or Interviewing.io to gauge your DS/Algo problem solving skills.

One callout is not all companies follow the same interview process/format. From my experience, the big tech companies like FAANG tend to be similar and more Leetcode heavy. Then there are other companies that may have you do take home assignments as an alternative to Leetcode. Honestly there’s a bit of luck involved with interviewing so don’t be discouraged if the first few interviews don’t work out. Getting that first SWE job is always the hardest hurdle but after that it gets slightly easier as you gain more experience. Good luck!
hackashaq34Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute2 years ago
Super helpful. Thank you! I think I'm looking to get my first job at a smaller company because the comments and posts you see from ppl who work at FAANG and these other large companies is just not my speed. And from talking with career services ppl, that world is like a minute fraction of what the tech world actually looks like.



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