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Product Designerย a year ago

Possible industry/job leads

I saw this business insider article that talks about how layoffs are impacting gen z, especially new grads and all that. Figured I'd share it in case it helped give anyone leads or ideas for the job hunt!

From the article in case it's paywalled:

"Many non-tech employers, in fact, are seizing the chance to recruit the kind of talent that is usually snapped up by Big Tech. On the jobs board Handshake, government agencies are looking for 36% more entry-level software workers than a year earlier, and the construction sector is looking for 28% more."

bringeeRecruiterย a year ago
Interesting, thanks for sharing! Had never heard of Handshake before, but I agree that other 'industries' are definitely still making moves, which is nice to see. Might not be as glamorous as FAANG but high risk-high reward I suppose